Operations Team

Our operations team is dedicated to keeping the program running efficiently and providing the very best in student support.


Jeff Casimir

Executive Director

Stretching back to 2005, Jeff has more experience teaching Ruby and Rails than anyone in the world. Starting his education career with Teach for America in 2003, he’s taught middle school and high school, co-founded a middle school, and created Jumpstart Lab in 2009, Hungry Academy in 2012, and gSchool in 2013. Along the way he’s taught thousands of developers, taken nearly a hundred people from “no experience” to professional, and created over a thousand pages of instructional content. As the Executive Director of Turing School, Jeff designs the overarching instructional program, coordinates the instructional team, connects students with the community, directs the hiring process, and teaches full-group sessions.


Courtney Haynes

Senior Director of Operations

Working for over a decade to expand economic opportunity across policy and direct service, specifically in education, workforce and healthcare Courtney has been a part of numerous teams and organizations, working to bring diverse stakeholders together and create sustainable change. Most recently, she served as Vice President of Operations and External Affairs at Hope Street Group. Courtney now oversees the operations team from recruitment to job support at the Turing School; and is passionate about ensuring all students are successful and on the path for a career in technology. She also works to expand Turing’s partnerships and programs with a goal to be more integrated into the Denver community.


Kayt Hensley

Career Development Coordinator

Since Kayt comes from a family of developers, technology has always fascinated her and been a part of her life. Her previous work experiences include a museum exhibit content developer, teaching assistant, and web designer for an erosion control supply company. Before joining Turing, she worked for The Iron Yard across four campuses guiding students through the code school lifecycle, from the first contact all the way through to alumni support. She loves that programming is something that anyone can learn and translate into a successful career. When she's not at Turing, she enjoys playing video games, music, exploring and looking at architectural details.


Ellen Mary Hickmann

Director of Professional Learning

Ellen Mary is a coach, a facilitator, and a designer. With more than 13 years of working in K-12 education as a teacher and as an instructional coach, she moved on to support non-profits who are raising the standards of what is possible in the education industry. Over six years, Ellen Mary worked for Teach for America where she led the Teacher Leadership Team responsible for over 200 educators. She ultimately chose to join Turing because of the mission of the organization. As the Director of Professional Learning, she ensures that students are getting the best experience in the classroom and that the instructors are continually being supported and developed.


Katelyn Kasperowicz

Software Developer

A lover of problem solving and puzzles, Katelyn was drawn to programming and believes that this field empowers people to build solutions for problems anywhere in the world. Before joining Turing, Katelyn was freelancing for different startups and traveling the world with just her laptop after spending a few years as a full-stack engineer in the Silicon Valley. She has worked in Rails, Ember, and React on multiple production systems. She first joined Turing as a fellow instructor on the backend team, bringing her industry knowledge and interview skills to soon-to-be graduating students. But alas the road was calling, so she re-joined the team as a remote developer working on all things technology related. When she’s not working, she’s biking, hiking, surfing, skiing, reading, and traveling.


Joanne Liu

Director of Operations

Having begun her career as a special education teacher with Teach for America, Joanne has been a Program Coordinator at the Asian Student Center, as well as the Special Education Coordinator at a public charter high school in Boston, MA. Always interested in creating high-quality learning environments, Joanne served as Assistant Principal of Operations at STRIVE Prep-Westwood before coming on board as our Operations Manager and now the Director of Operations at Turing School. Drawing from her diverse educational experience, Joanne enjoys creating and improving systems to ensure efficiency and increase the quality of any educational experience. She is passionate about making the lives of staff and students easier so they can focus on teaching and learning.


Lindsey Lucero

Brand & Marketing Coordinator

Before Turing, Lindsey did marketing and communications campaigns to increase student enrollment, fundraising, and hiring of highly qualified teachers at a K-12 network of 11 schools called STRIVE Prep. This included a marketing mix of digital ad campaigns, direct mail, email marketing, social media, website development, and graphic design. She believes that programming has and will continue to evolve the way the entire human race lives. She joined Turing to make sure that there is representation in the work that goes into creating these programs that will affect her life and her community. When she's not at Turing, she enjoys cooking, yoga, photography, hiking, travelling, and spending time with friends and family.


Rachel Martinez

General Counsel

Rachel brings a completely unique skill set to Turing School, serving as our in-house General Counsel. She is an attorney specialized in general business practice. Prior to joining us, Rachel served the role of general counsel to many businesses on a contractual basis. She also has expertise maintaining the corporate governance of a non-profit organization, which proves vital to our own organizational structure. This expertise is rounded out by her professional experience in human resources and management capacity. As Turing School’s General Counsel, Rachel utilizes her past experience to manage all legal and compliance aspects of running our nonprofit organization.


Robyn Purvin

Outreach Coordinator

Prior to Turing, Robyn helped with college and career readiness through Goodwill's Youth Services Program where she trained individuals 17-21 years old on resumes, cover letters, goal setting, and career exploration. Robyn is passionate about people doing a job they not only like but love. With her strengths in resume/cover letter assistance, community outreach and relations, connecting people to resources, understanding a person journey from school to career, and guidance and assistance in the job search process, Robyn wants to make sure that others are set up for success to find satisfaction and enjoyment in their jobs and careers. When she's not a Turing, she enjoys running a female empowerment group, mentoring youth, hiking, going to concerts, traveling all over the world, cooking, exploring street art, and being with family and friends.


Allison Reu Singer

Professional Development Lead & Coach

Allison began her career as a Special Education teacher with Teach for America. She has since earned her MFA in creative writing and wrote her first novel, after which she never really left the classroom. Allison continued her work in K-12 education through teacher evaluation and recruitment before working as an elementary school administrator. She is passionate about creating high quality educational opportunities for every person, regardless of background, which is what attracted her to Turing School. As our Professional Development Lead & Coach, Allison plays an integral role helping the school increase opportunities for underrepresented groups in the programming world. She works tirelessly with our students to create a supportive, inclusive, and joyful culture at Turing School.


Ramiro Vaca

Facilities & Events Manager

Ramiro has been an apprentice for a master cheese maker, an elementary school English teacher, and a manager at the highest producing dairy farm in Ecuador where he is originally from. For the past eight years before he joined Turing, he served students and families at STRIVE Prep, a network of Denver Public Charter Schools, as a Program Manager and had a Central Office role where he supported the operations of 11 schools. With a passion for operations, problem-solving, and project management, his service-oriented mindset supports Turing students as they pursue their passion in making sure they have the best possible learning environment. When he's not at Turing, he enjoys mountain and road biking, adventure and dual sport motorcycling, running, and family camping.


Erin Williams

Admissions & Enrollment Manager

In everything she does, Erin is an educator. Having joined Teach for America in 2002, she has spent the past 15 years in K-12 education, both as a teacher and an administrator. She brings a depth of classroom experience that is integral to our success as an education institution. Erin has taught nearly every subject and is particularly passionate about supporting underrepresented groups to attain empowering leadership roles. The depth of our community and collaboration attracted Erin to Turing, where she serves as our Admissions & Enrollment Manager, applying her educational and administrative expertise to refine the new student experience.

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