Instructors Team

Turing instructors blend a deep knowledge of education pedagogy and classroom experience with expertise in software development.


Louisa Barrett

Director Front End Engineering Program

Louisa started her career as a graphic designer working on exhibit and interpretive design projects. As a designer, she saw firsthand how critical development skills are for people in creative industries. Having the skills to take an idea and turn it into something that people can use never gets old. Louisa loves building things that educate and bring joy to people, and making the transition from creating physical spaces to digital products has given her the opportunity to reach a wider audience. As Director of the Front-End Engineering Program at Turing School, Louisa brings a particular focus on user experience, front-end development, and design to help her students build the tools for success.


Mike Dao

Instructional Operations & Instructor

Over the course of Mike’s diverse career he has worked in an information warfare lab, an academic information and technology department, and at Apple Retail where he led his own service team. Following a stint in corporate information technology, Mike was eager to shift away from procedural work and looked to programming as a means to be creative within his technical career. Attracted to Turing School’s unique focus on high quality education and cohesive community, Mike blends his customer focus, OS X education, and DevOps experience as an instructor.


Ian Douglas

Senior Instructor

Although his career began in 1996 spanning industries from education, entertainment, e-commerce, finance, consultancies, marking, and gaming, Ian started coding at the age of eight when he learned how to tell a computer what to do and have it do that over and over again. This was fascinating and empowering to him and eventually led him to develop a strong sense of logic and efficiencies in everyday life. He believes this industry is a source of never-ending knowledge, and he loves to expand his learning through new technologies. At Turing, he brings his knowledge of software development, coaching, and career advice to our programs and students and finds joy through others' success. When he's not at Turing, he enjoys family time going to the dog parks, museums, bike rides, and trying new restaurants and growing other people through volunteering.


Sal Espinosa

Director Back End Engineering

Sal brings a background in education and a passion for positive change to his work at Turing. Having taught for three years in Queens, New York, he went to work for a small consulting firm that focused on real estate for federal clients. Looking for a way to get back to Colorado where he was born, he turned to Turing School for the opportunity to leverage programming to make people’s lives easier. Continuing to weave a deep commitment to service - whether to students, homeowners, or veterans - Sal is now the Director of the Back End Program at Turing where he gives our students the opportunity to build the tools they need to bring people together.


Amy Holt

Teaching Assistant

As a former middle school educator, Amy saw the curiosity spark in so many of her students when they had the opportunity to program. Having worked in a variety of schools, she knows that not all kids have the opportunity to access programming and even when they do, girls and students of color are less likely to get involved. Amy wanted to further her education so she could play a role in bringing access to tech and empowering all kids to see themselves in tech because we need better representation of those groups. As a Turing instructor, Amy brings her knowledge and experience in curriculum design and collaboration. When she's not at Turing, she loves to spend time with her two shih-tzus, Sodie and Oscar. She also loves her book club and listening to podcasts.


Robbie Jaeger


Rock climber and line cook, Robbie was working as a technical writer after college when he realized that user experience and programming must go hand-in-hand for a successful application. Attracted to the versatility of programming to impact a wide breadth of subjects, he sees software as a unique opportunity to bring people tougher to work towards solutions. As a student at Turing School, Robbie learned for himself what went into programming and was eager to share that newfound knowledge with incoming students. Today, Robbie is an Assistant Instructor at Turing where he gives others the tools necessary to advance their own causes.


Leta Keane

Teaching Assistant

As a former science educator at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Leta learned that critical thinking and curiosity are necessary skills in every field. She taught kids and families about biology, the power of asking questions, and the magic in the words 'I don't know, but let's find out!' Helping kids see themselves as scientists who can always keep asking questions and learning more has led her to the growth mindset she has today as an instructor at Turing. She knew she made the right career change because the field encourages her critical thinking, compassion, creativity, and courage in people by creating sites and applications that connect people with information, resources, and opportunities. When she's not at Turing, Leta enjoys writing, cooking, playing the piano and guitar, playing board games, reading and exploring Colorado's incredible outdoors.


Pamela Lovett

Teaching Assistant

As a former English as a Second Language teacher, middle school teacher, and yoga instructor, Pamela uses her educational experiences to share her love for learning, technology, and the process of problem-solving with her students. She ultimately chose programming because she believes it is a skill that is needed and will continue become more necessary across all industries. She loves that programming gives you the power to go from nothing to something with code. When she is not at Turing, she enjoys reading, running, lifting, and visiting new restaurants, breweries, and coffee shops. She also enjoys exploring the outdoors and museums with her husband and two kids.


Christie Lynam

Teaching Assistant

As a former criminal defense attorney, Christie's career has provided her with excellent written and verbal communication skills that make her an effective communicator with others. She ultimately chose a career in programming because she enjoys solving real world, logistical problems and knows that this is a career where she will constantly be learning and growing. She believes that programming is the future and is a skill that everyone should learn at least at a basic level. When Christie is not at Turing, she enjoys running, working out, reading, and hanging out with friends.


Megan McMahon

Teaching Assistant

Before Turing, Megan worked for Elsmere Education where she recruited students into an online Master of Legal Studies program for the University of Oklahoma. Prior to that, she worked in implementation and account management for a SaaS startup providing a Student Information System to small colleges around the country. She ended up choosing programming because she loves solving puzzles and figuring out the most efficient way to achieve a goal. She believes the power of programming is its constantly changing nature. There are constantly new tools and conventions coming out to solve ever more challenging problems. When she's not at Turing, she's a summer cyclist, winter skier, and year-round knitter.


Josh Mejia

Senior Instructor

Always looking for the his next challenge, Josh walked away from blue collar jobs to pursue web development in 2007. Working first as a software developer in the energy industry, Josh enjoyed playing a small part in an innovative field that would lead to large, worldwide change. As a consultant working with international publicly traded companies, Josh quickly grew his Rails, PHP, graphic design, and project management expertise preparing him to excel as a principal instructor of the Back-End Engineering program at Turing School. Today, Josh enjoys being able to see students’ lives change in a relatively short period of time and intends to continue doing work that is challenging and improves the lives of those that it targets.


Will Mitchell

Assistant Instructor

Before joining Turing, Will worked as the Lead Developer for Brandzooka, an advertising start-up in Boulder CO. He managed their engineering team, as well as helped to architect and build their platform, working extensively with React, Redux, and Node.js. His technical skills as a full-stack developer are his most valued tools at Turing. He believes that programming gives people a tremendous toolset for building solutions to problems and touches every business, government agency, and home. When he's not at Turing, he loves to travel, live music, craft beer, and skiing.


Travis Rollins

Teaching Assistant

Before Turing, Travis worked as a junior engineer at Spruce Labs where he was responsible for software scalability, development architecture, dependency management, and cross-browser compatibility issues. Whether it is streamlining a process for a user or giving a user the ability to do something they've never had access to, Travis believes programming is made by people for the people. He loves solving problems and creating experiences that provide a better experience for others, and as a result, programming was a natural fit for him. He hopes that his skills in team building, organization, and software development will help teach and build the community at Turing. When he's not at Turing, he enjoys producing hip-hop beats, eating great food, and playing video games.


Brittany Storoz

Instructor & Technical Curriculum Lead

Brittany has been an emergency medical technician, a swim coach, and sports reporter but there is little she loves more than programming. She’s been a programmer for almost ten years, focusing on front-end HTML, CSS and JavaScript. After advancing her technical skills, Brittany found great reward in sharing her knowledge with others and was ultimately attracted to the scope and specificity of Turing’s programs. As a front end instructor with Turing, Brittany hopes to leverage teaching and mentorship to help other beginners become talented developers capable of creating change around them.


Rachel Warbelow

Academic Initiatives Manager

Rachel is a teacher first, having started in Las Vegas with Teach for America in 2007 and continuing into 2014. In 2010 she and a partner started the Scholars Working OverTime (SWOT) program to propel students towards college. She got her start in programming through DevBootcamp’s Chicago program in 2013, at which point she began teaching programming to her students. Since they didn’t have computers, Rachel had them write code with paper and pencil before running a successful campaign to build a modern computer lab for the students. At Turing, Rachel works on our Academic Initiatives to improve the accessibility of our programs.


Cory Westerfield

Assistant Instructor

Before joining Turing, Cory worked on SendGrid's marketing campaigns product and helped build out some internal automation systems to help streamline code from development to production. He believes the power of programming lies in the ability to take an idea locked in your head and make it become a reality. Now as an instructor, his previous experiences have allowed him to see how to take a large problem, break it down into sizable chunks, and turn them into something that is tangible for people to use. When he's not a Turing, he enjoys following and watching Formula 1, karting, traveling to new places, and trying new coffee shops and restaurants.


David Whitaker

Assistant Instructor

After doing manual data entry and calculations using excel in previous jobs, he decided that he would learn how to program to streamline those processes. As a Turing student, he realized not only could he solve those problems, but he also really enjoyed programming. Before joining Turing as an instructor, he worked at Points of Light as a full-stack web developer building web applications to help people organize volunteer and volunteer opportunities in their communities. With this previous work experience, he brings new technical skills, communication, collaboration, and adaptability to Turing and his students. When he's not at Turing, he enjoys hanging out with his wife and their dog. He also enjoys cooking, eating, snowboarding, backpacking, hiking, and traveling.


Dione Wilson

Teaching Assistant

Dione previously worked with an industrial company as a Customer Service Representative managing communication between internal departments and the organization and maintenance of shared documents. She transitioned to programming because it fulfilled her desire to have a career in which she could always continue to learn, problem solve, and contribute to something larger than herself, which she hopes benefits others. Ultimately, she believes programming allows you to be creative, explorative, and help others. When she's not at Turing, she enjoys photography and playing with her Boston Terrier, Piper.


Brian Zanti

Associate Instructor

Before joining Turing, he worked on modernizing programs using Java Spring Boot and Angular for a government contractor and even researched and experimented with several robotics projects. He believes that programming is everywhere. He chose this field because of how impactful it is, the endless opportunities it presents, and its enormous potential for growth. Now as a Turing instructor, his communication, support, and willingness to step out of his comfort zone and take on new challenges are his biggest strengths. When he's not at Turing, he enjoys cooking and anything outdoors such as snowboarding, climbing, hiking, and camping.

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