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Board Team

Our Board is made up of recognized leaders in software development, business and education.


Ingrid Alongi

Chairwoman of the Board

Ingrid currently serves as the Head of Mentor Network, Cognizant Accelerator at Cognizant. With this experience and her previous role as a co-founder of Quick Left, Ingrid brings an invaluable wealth of 10+ years of traditional agency interactive supported by another 3+ years of aggressive startup dev to the team. Her specialities include API integration, app/product development & strategy and agile team management. Ingrid also rides bikes. She rides them very fast.


Jeff Casimir

Executive Director

Stretching back to 2005, Jeff has more experience teaching Ruby and Rails than anyone in the world. Starting his education career with Teach for America in 2003, he’s taught middle school and high school, co-founded a middle school, and created Jumpstart Lab in 2009, Hungry Academy in 2012, and gSchool in 2013. Along the way he’s taught thousands of developers, taken nearly a hundred people from “no experience” to professional, and created over a thousand pages of instructional content. As the Executive Director of Turing School, Jeff designs the overarching instructional program, coordinates the instructional team, connects students with the community, directs the hiring process, and teaches full-group sessions.


Damion LeeNatali

Board Member

Damion’s career began as a Teach for America corps member in 2007 teaching high school English here in Colorado. After the classroom, he moved into policy and politics, serving as Chief of Staff to Senator Mike Johnson before returning to serve as Executive Director of Teach for America’s Colorado region. Turing’s roots are intertwined with Teach for America, and Damion brings a valuable perspective as Turing continues to improve its instructional practices, connect to the greater education community, and build collaboration between the organizations.


Neal Sales-Griffin

Vice Chairman of the Board

Neal works as the CEO of CodeNow, a nationally recognized non-profit organization working to expose high school students to programming. Neal was a part of launching the accelerated software training industry, co-founding The Starter League in 2011 and running the organization through acquisition in 2016. For Turing, Neal leverages his deep connections to the tech education industry along with the perspective of an entrepreneur to help our continued growth.


Bree Thomas


Bree was a product and account director for large software projects before becoming a developer in 2013. After attending a software development program, she graduated and went to work building software at iTriage before moving to a consulting role at Mode Set. In 2016 she joined the staff at Turing to help teach and refine the fledgling Front-End Engineering program. Most recently, she took over as the Vice President of Product Management at Muve Health working alongside a team of Turing alumni.


Tyler Willis


Tyler is an entrepreneur and investor. He specializes in helping early-stage technology companies scale to world-class businesses. He is the co-founder of Customer Science, which is based in Boulder, CO and helps companies make better data-driven decisions. In addition to this work, he serves on the Board of Directors for Acre Designs (energy-efficient housing), the Turing School of Software & Design, and The Rare Cancer Research Foundation.

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