Leadership Team

Our leadership team embodies a deep commitment to social change and an unprecedented blend of teaching and programming expertise.


Louisa Barrett

Director Front End Engineering Program

Louisa started her career as a graphic designer working on exhibit and interpretive design projects. As a designer, she saw firsthand how critical development skills are for people in creative industries. Having the skills to take an idea and turn it into something that people can use never gets old. Louisa loves building things that educate and bring joy to people, and making the transition from creating physical spaces to digital products has given her the opportunity to reach a wider audience. As Director of the Front-End Engineering Program at Turing School, Louisa brings a particular focus on user experience, front-end development, and design to help her students build the tools for success.


Jeff Casimir

Executive Director

Stretching back to 2005, Jeff has more experience teaching Ruby and Rails than anyone in the world. Starting his education career with Teach for America in 2003, he’s taught middle school and high school, co-founded a middle school, and created Jumpstart Lab in 2009, Hungry Academy in 2012, and gSchool in 2013. Along the way he’s taught thousands of developers, taken nearly a hundred people from “no experience” to professional, and created over a thousand pages of instructional content. As the Executive Director of Turing School, Jeff designs the overarching instructional program, coordinates the instructional team, connects students with the community, directs the hiring process, and teaches full-group sessions.


Sal Espinosa

Director Back End Engineering

Sal brings a background in education and a passion for positive change to his work at Turing. Having taught for three years in Queens, New York, he went to work for a small consulting firm that focused on real estate for federal clients. Looking for a way to get back to Colorado where he was born, he turned to Turing School for the opportunity to leverage programming to make people’s lives easier. Continuing to weave a deep commitment to service - whether to students, homeowners, or veterans - Sal is now the Director of the Back End Program at Turing where he gives our students the opportunity to build the tools they need to bring people together.


Courtney Haynes

Director of Partnerships & Development

Working for over a decade to expand economic opportunity across policy and direct service, specifically in education, workforce and healthcare Courtney has been a part of numerous teams and organizations, working to bring diverse stakeholders together and create sustainable change. Most recently, she served as Vice President of Operations and External Affairs at Hope Street Group. Courtney believes strongly in viable career pathways that don't necessarily need a 4-year degree. She also believes there is currently so much untapped skill potential across our community and country and is passionate about ensuring all those who can and want to be in this field will know their options and have access to quality programs like Turing. When she's not at Turing, she likes spending time with her husband, daughter, and pup, hanging out with friends, hiking, and enjoying the Colorado sunshine.


Ellen Mary Hickmann

Director of Professional Learning

Ellen Mary is a coach, a facilitator, and a designer. With more than 13 years of working in K-12 education as a teacher and as an instructional coach, she moved on to support non-profits who are raising the standards of what is possible in the education industry. Over six years, Ellen Mary worked for Teach for America where she led the Teacher Leadership Team responsible for over 200 educators. She ultimately chose to join Turing because of the mission of the organization. As the Director of Professional Learning, she ensures that students are getting the best experience in the classroom and that the instructors are continually being supported and developed.


Joanne Liu

Director of Operations

Having begun her career as a special education teacher with Teach for America, Joanne has been a Program Coordinator at the Asian Student Center, as well as the Special Education Coordinator at a public charter high school in Boston, MA. Always interested in creating high-quality learning environments, Joanne served as Assistant Principal of Operations at STRIVE Prep-Westwood before coming on board as our Operations Manager and now the Director of Operations at Turing School. Drawing from her diverse educational experience, Joanne enjoys creating and improving systems to ensure efficiency and increase the quality of any educational experience. She is passionate about making the lives of staff and students easier so they can focus on teaching and learning.

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