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Partnership Opportunities

At Turing, we prioritize building and maintaining strong partnerships across employers and the Colorado community. We believe that together we can ensure more access into our program and the realization of a more diverse tech community. In addition, the program is more valuable when employers are directly engaged. If you are an interested employer or community partner, please contact Courtney Haynes at [email protected].

Employer Opportunities

  • Host Job Shadow Experiences. Turing offers various job shadow opportunities with small to large size employers for students on a consistent basis. This involves an afternoon of an employer showing a group of students what it’s like to be on a high impact and high demand team.
  • Serve as mentors or conduct mock interviews/external portfolio reviews. If you have specific HR and/or technical expertise, our students would greatly benefit from professional volunteers supporting their career advancement.
  • Hire grads. Turing has a deep pool of 500+ alumni and graduates nearly 250 students per year on a rolling basis. We work with partner companies by getting a sense of your unique hiring needs (e.g., number of candidates, roles, geographies, etc.) and providing a pipeline of vetted students that meet your preferences.
  • Company-specific training. If you have a need for skills that fit outside of Turing’s traditional program (e.g., your programmers need to be proficient in Java) we can level-up students to meet your needs depending on the scale and scope of hiring you are doing.
  • Upskill your existing workforce. Turing has a long history of taking people with little ingoing formal technical training and preparing them to be successful software developers. There are already people who know your organization and business well in Customer Support, Sales, and other teams. We can help turn them into high-value software developers.

Community & Education Opportunities

  • Curriculum Provider. Turing is partnering with nonprofit organizations and schools to serve as the curriculum provider across K-12 education programs. We customize quality curricula and have Turing instructors deliver the curricula dependent on the appropriate age group. Spotlight Partnership: Denver Schools of Science and Technology.
  • Broaden Access. Turing works with innovative social impact organizations to pilot and prove how to expand access and achievement within our school. Spotlight Partnership: [email protected].
  • Connect Pathways. Turing is working to connect technology-based programs in the Denver community so that more individuals understand the levels and options for training and job placement. We are firm believers of working together vs. in silos so that more individuals can understand their options.
  • Continuing Education. Turing hosts convenings and workshops so that individuals can continue their professional growth after Turing.