Unlocking Human Potential

Turing's mission is to unlock human potential by training a diverse and inclusive student body to succeed in high-fulfillment technical careers. We are a community committed to challenging ourselves and each other to build the knowledge, skills, and understanding needed for long-term success.

Student Success

Turing is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that operates almost entirely on student tuition. This means that our focus never strays from our students. There's no need to please investors or skew our numbers. The only thing that matters is that our students become graduates and our graduates become software developers. Our graduates get great jobs and have a sharp upward trajectory in the tech industry, ensuring a lifetime of possibility.


94% of all Turing graduates are working in the technology industry.



Over 80% of BE and FE graduates are employed as full-time developers within 180 days of graduation.


Our graduates earn a median starting salary of $72k or over and work in various cities nation-wide.


Front End Engineering

Our front-end program provides the necessary skills to build a career in front-end development. From UX/UI principles to strong foundations in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, our curriculum provides the tools to build desktop, mobile and web apps.

Back End Engineering

Moving from the basics of object-oriented programming and data structures to building database-backed web applications in Sinatra and Ruby on Rails, our Back-End Engineering program provides the fundamental skills to launch your career in software development.

Unsure of which program is right for you? You can still apply and contact us to learn more about each program.

Try coding

Try Coding

Our Try Coding sessions are one and two day workshops which introduce non-programmers to the basics of programming. They are an excellent opportunity to determine whether a programming career could be your future. Try Coding is also a great opportunity to figure out if Turing's methods are a fit for your learning style. These sessions use technologies like Ruby, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS but have no prerequisites or requirements. Try Coding is a no-risk introduction to the world of code. Scroll down to see all upcoming sessions.


Every programmer thinks they can teach programming. They're wrong. Turing's staff is a diverse mix of educators-turned-programmers and programmers-turned-educators. We understand how to implement a meaningful academic curriculum and how to write great code. We continue to experiment, improve, and find new ways to further accelerate our students' learning. We are an educational institution and student success is our number one priority.

Our Team

Turing is unique in its ability and willingness to change. There's nothing held sacred: if we come up with a better way, a better idea, it's put into practice that day. There's no waiting around for the ‘right time’ - that allows us to evolve at an incredible speed.

Jeff Casimir

Executive Director

Hire a Grad

Looking for a great new developer with more practical experience than a four-year graduate and much deeper knowledge than you can get from a bootcamp? Look no further. Our unique curriculum combines theory and practice, to train excellent programmers from diverse backgrounds who are capable of collaborating and contributing right from the start.

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Turing is a nonprofit, and rooted to our mission of increasing opportunities for underrepresented groups in the programming world. I choose to work here because I believe that programming can be a new frontier for social change, and Turing is leading the way.

Allison Reu Singer

Professional Development Lead and Coach

Contact Us

If you have questions about the application process, tuition, or anything else, please contact [email protected].