Turing School of Software & Design

We Build Developers.

Becoming a developer takes the right mix of passion, curiosity, creativity, and confidence. We’ve found that combination in financial analysts, warehouse managers, bartenders, musicians and electrical engineers. If you show the right aptitude and are ready to work hard, we’ll turn you into a professional software developer.

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The Difference


Being a good developer does not prepare you to teach development. The Turing staff blends programming experience with years of classroom instruction. No other team can match our depth of expertise and on-the-ground instructional experience.


No other program approaches the depth of expertise our students develop. Beyond simple Rails applications, our students master Test-Driven Development, build and consume APIs, implement systems of coordinating applications, and understand strong Object-Oriented design.


We build professional developers. Our seven-month instructional program is carefully crafted to prepare high-aptitude individuals for careers as software developers. Succeed in our program and you won’t just be an intern, you’ll be valuable.

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“I chose this program because it was the only one that promised to produce professional developers and not just give you a kickstart. I had no computer science background and needed to have a real job at the end of it.

We learned by doing – by working together to build real applications, completely immersed in programming. Now I use those skills every day.“

Our Team

Our instructional team is a mix of educators and developers, perfectly blended to maximize your learning.

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The Program

What can you accomplish in seven months? Our students build the skills they need to develop professional web applications: test-driven development, object-oriented design, and how to decompose complex problems. As programmers they become proficient with Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, REST, providing and consuming APIs, and source control. As developers they learn to work in small teams, communicate, and collaborate effectively.

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